It is a type of disease that consists of various causes such as hair loss, thinning and hair loss. Every adult person loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day. If for any reason there is a spill above this number, a specialist should be consulted.
You can easily understand the increase in hair loss by checking your hair on your pillow in the morning or after showering. Again, while combing or styling your hair, you can set a number yourself. Then even the slightest change in this number will catch your eye.

Hair loss creates an important problem in the psyche of the individual.
The biggest accessory for men and women is hair.

Beautiful, thick, well-groomed hair always attracts attention in any environment. It makes you classy, ​​polite, and cheerful who you are. Therefore, healthy hair is very important at the height of self-confidence.

When people lose more hair, psychological problems also start. The medical name for hair loss that appears for both men and women is “androgenetic alopecia”. In men, it is also called “male pattern baldness.”

The hairline returns in time and begins thinning. Usually the top portion of the hair, called the front line, is shed. Hair loss occurs in women from all regions at the same time.


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