Radical Hair Trans Center, in addition to hair transplantation, offers plasma hair loss treatment sessions, as these treatments are effective and results-guaranteed. Two techniques are mainly used to strengthen hair: the PRP method and the mesotherapy method. PRP treatment method

The PRP treatment method is used for weak hair prone to falling out, strengthening it and restoring its natural luster. The PRP treatment method involves extracting an amount of blood from the hand, separating the white blood cells from the plasma, and then re-injecting the weakened area of ​​the skin with the treated white cells. The PRP method strengthens the hair roots and helps maintain healthy and elegant hair.

What is the Mesotherapy method?
Activators are injected to help hair follicles grow and prevent hair loss, and these stimulants are a therapeutic combination that contains vitamins and minerals that the follicles need for growth. This is done over the course of weekly or biweekly sessions, about 10 sessions on average, each lasting about a quarter of an hour. The best results can be obtained in cases of moulting that are not related to the genetic factor.

Hair loss is a common problem among women in the postpartum period, and we advise our patients to follow this treatment method in this case. Also, mesotherapy sessions are very effective after undergoing hair transplantation, as they speed up getting results. The needle is injected into separate areas of the scalp to cover the entire area to be treated.

What distinguishes the Mesotherapy method from other methods?
The mesotherapy method is more used and effective than other classic methods, where the treatment is done through small therapeutic doses that are injected under the skin using a mesotherapy needle in separate areas of the scalp, and this treatment does not leave any side effects, and what distinguishes this method is that it quickly takes effect and is affected Skin it, so that its results can be observed within a record period of time. It is worth noting that the used needle is so thin that the patient hardly feels it, so this method does not require anesthesia of the injection site.

Do not hesitate to contact your medical advisor in our center for free, inform him of your case and consult him in the most appropriate way for your case, and in turn, the medical advisor presents the pictures or the case to the specialist doctor to guide you on the most appropriate method of treatment, whether it is using PRP or mesotherapy, and both cases are guaranteed results in treating hair loss


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