FUE technique is the process of removing hair follicles one by one from the donor area at the back of the head and placing them in their new locations. The follicles to be transplanted are taken one by one from the scalp with a special tool called a micro-motor, and the roots are placed in their new location within two hours.

Fue technology
What is the advantage of FUE technique?
The biggest advantage of this method is that the roots, which are removed one by one, do not leave a trace after healing. In the FUE technique,

The sites where the follicles are taken will complete healing within 36-48 hours.

Am I a suitable candidate?
As in all other hair surgery techniques, in the FUE method,

A detailed analysis examines whether the patient who comes to our clinic is suitable for hair transplantation

Non-genetic factors that cause hair loss must be examined through a blood test.

Examine the donor area to ensure the abundance and strength of the follicles and to determine the amount that can be taken,

If the results are good, the patient will be scheduled for a transplant according to the schedule of his doctor.

How is the operation done?
This donor area is shaved to facilitate the collection of follicles, and local anesthesia is used by the specialist. Thus, no pain is felt during the operation.

In the first stage, the follicles are collected, and then they are sorted according to the number of hairs.

Then very thin channels are opened in the area to be transplanted to receive the new follicles.

Then the follicles are implanted in the channels one by one

After the operation, crusting of the transplanted area occurs.

The first two days in which the donor area wounds heal.

On the third day, the hair should be taken care of and washed, and you will be taught how to wash it in the first ten days after planting.

After about ten days, the crusts in the transplanted area begin to fall out as a result of washing the hair.

After fifteen days, the healing process will be complete in both areas and there will be no scar.

After three weeks, 60-70% of the transplanted hair will be lost.

At the end of eight to twelve weeks, the transplanted hair begins to grow again and this process continues for another year.

When will I see the result?
Most of the transplanted hair will fall out within two to six weeks after hair transplantation. However, hair follicles remain under the skin. About ten weeks after the transplant, new hair will begin to grow from the transplanted hair follicles.
Eight to twelve months after hair transplantation is the best time to evaluate the outcome of hair transplantation. From the time the hair begins to grow, it gradually becomes thicker and approaches natural hair thickness.

The transplanted hair does not require special care.


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