Beard and mustache transplantation or facial hair transplantation are common operations at Radical Hair Trans Center and are suitable and effective for healthy men who do not have a beard in the first place or have separate empty areas in the beard, or for those men who have lost part of the beard after suffering accidents or as a result of their skin diseases.

The nature of the beard and mustache differs from the hair of the head, and it varies in intensity from person to person, some people do not consider the lightness of the beard hair important and they are not bothered about it, and for this reason, the density in the cultivation of the beard and mustache is not the most important point, but the general view and the natural shape is the most important in this process.

What is the method used to grow beard? If there is a loss of beard in separate areas, then in this case hair is transplanted and distributed according to the density of the areas surrounding those areas without hair to appear naturally and homogeneously.

But if the person does not have a full beard, then in this case we leave the issue of determining the density and shape of the beard for the person interested in growing the beard, and we can grow between 1000 and 3000 hair follicles within the shape that he determines.

Beard transplantation is done in our center by the method of extraction, where hair is taken from the back of the head (the donor area), or the chest area in the absence of thick hair in the back area of ​​the head and this is for the purpose of intensifying the hair that will be implanted in the face. It is worth noting that in the case of the annoying thickening of the beard or if the end result is not satisfactory to the person, some hair can be removed with laser technology.

What happens after the procedure ? Beard transplantation does not leave any traces in the area from which it is extracted. Fine blood spots will be observed in the transplanted area due to the anesthetic needle used during hair follicle transplantation, but it will disappear with the first wash.

The body will begin to nourish the transplanted hair, and for this reason, you may notice a slight redness in the transplanted area. Redness lasts from one to two weeks. In the second week, a portion of the transplanted beard will fall out, and after 4-8 months, the hair transplanted into the face will begin to grow naturally and permanently.

What is the method used to grow mustache? Mustache transplantation is done in the upper area of ​​the lips in the event that no hair comes out in that area or in the case of wounds or burns that caused the hair to disappear from the area. And mustache cultivation is also done using the method of extraction of the bulb to give the patient a satisfactory result and a natural shape.

The extraction method enables us to take the largest number of follicles we need to grow mustache according to the density that the person desires. Thin hair roots are extracted from the area between the two ears, above the neck or from the top of the ears, using devices ranging in diameter from 0.6-0.7 mm. Therefore, the process is done without wounds and does not take much time, which leaves a positive effect on the extracted follicles, as it does not wait long, as this may lead to the death of the follicle. Within 4-6 months, the transplanted hair follicles will begin to grow normally. In the event that any vacant area is noticed, it will be planted again by our center.


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